The Importance of GREAT Website Copy

I’m a brand expert and web designer, not a word wizard. Although I don’t consider copywriting my personal strength, I understand the outright importance of great copy, especially when it comes to the overall success of the websites I’m creating for my clients.

As we like to say here at Be Digital, we specialize in bold brand strategies, website design, and real, results-driven digital marketing services. In order to TRULY deliver in these areas, we have to be willing to take all parts of the process into consideration.
That’s how you bring exceptional results.
That’s why we are writing on the importance of great website copy.


The number one thing I see clients skimp on is the copywriting for their businesses.

Your website content allows you to express your ideas, services, and identity to your audience. These words are literally representatives of you and your company to a vast virtual audience. Yes, it’s true that content hasn’t mattered as much in previous years. However, when you consider how connected we are in this digital age, it’s inarguable that the words on your site matter.


Old-school SEO is out. Actually speaking to your audience is in. ?

Since your audience is made up of different groups of people, your content has to be broad enough to reach them all, but also specific enough to meet their individual needs. Sounds pretty impossible when you think of it that way, right?

Knowing how to write great website copy is different from writing, say, a book. 


Website copy is less about being expressive and more about being intentional.

Here’s a big spoiler alert that may come as a shocker to you:
Your website copy is not about you. And, it’s not about your business, either. 


Your website copy is about your audience.

The days of spouting off all your experience and awards with a couple of prestigious client endorsements are over.

We’re not at all saying that you shouldn’t share your background and show off those fabulous accounts on your website. We’re just saying it’s simply not enough in order to convert that potential client to an actual client.

There’s a good chance that your potential client is stumbling on your services page while also browsing 10 of your top competitors.


Ask yourself the hard question: Would you pick your business to work with based on what your site says? 


If you have the slightest bit of doubt in the words on your website, or you’re unsure whether they can convert, that’s worth reviewing. You owe it to your business to take a long, hard look at the writing on your site — does it work for you, or against you?

Sometimes, all you need is a little rework. The words on your website may just need a little mending… you don’t have to start from complete scratch.

Knowing your audience is the first key to unlocking great website copy. If you still need to figure out who your ideal audience is, put your business through some soul searching by selecting one of our brand identity packages.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in business for 10+ years, it’s that delegation doesn’t show a lack of interest or effort — it’s just smarter business.

The Be Digital Team is fully capable of reworking your website copy. Whether the majority of your site needs a copy refresh, or you need another set of eyes on your “About Me” page, we have package offerings that are ready and able. If you want to learn more about booking a website copy package with our team, fill out this brand questionnaire to schedule a consultation with us. 

In a virtual world, it’s through words that you and your company will be set apart from the rest. It’s up to you to choose your words wisely. ?